So, here I am. Ready to freely spout the ideas and opinions that I think need to be shared about the Computer Training and IT Training industry and the IT industry as a whole, while we are at it.

The majority of my blogging will be cenetered around Networking, Systems Administration, Information Security (I love this one) and Project Management (because it’s so darn important where I am from). I am going to talk about IT certification and training a lot. I know that the IT industry relies a bunch on training and certification. I think that the industry is, in many ways, defined by what certifications people want and what other people are carrying. I think it’s a good thing that this is the case. I think that there are distinctions in quality of training and even in certifications. I’ll expose decent computer and certification training classes and schools, good training as well as some really garbage training too.

I’ll hold no punches and I will name names. If I make a claim about a bad training vendor or program, I’ll provide some resources and show you why I feel that way and what I have seen or heard.

So lets get started with it.

Good talk, I’ll see you out there.


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