I’d hate to focus this entire blog on things that come and go in mainstream computer training and fail to mention one of the applications that put both computers and computer training on the map. The Microsoft Office Suite.

OK, so many of us in the younger generations take for granted this app. suite because we were basically raised on it. We have been using Word since Kindergarten and we continue to use it everyday. However, I am bringing this up because although we have been using a large number of the Microsoft Office suite functions for several years, that doesn’t mean that we shouldnt take some time to brush up on the applications. Yeah, sometimes we overlook the fact that Microsoft adds new, cool features and shortcuts each time it releases a new version.

PowerPoint was basically my best friend (well, next to Word I guess, but I liked PowerPoint wayyyyyy better) in college and I realized when I went to create a presentation a few weeks ago that there were a few more functions than the standard ones I would use over and over again back then. Basically I realized that I had fallen into my old ways and didn’t know well enough to try and utilize the new features that could have saved me time or spruced up my presentation.

…And dont get me started on Excel and Word. I am definitely guilty of still using again and again all the basic features of the 2000 Office Suite and only a handful of the 2003 tricks that I should be using. I haven’t even started to learn the Office 2007 shortcuts.

I spend a lot of time with a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certified Instructor who really knows her stuff and thats how I know that I am missing some key time saving techniques. Many training companies out there offer a very reasonably priced Microsoft Office training class. Check one out every couple of years because with all the new added features (especially now with 2007) you can shave off a lot of time spent working with the applications.


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