Do you guarantee that we pass the certification exam? Is there a guarantee that I pass the exam?

Be honest, have those words ever left your mouth when questioning a training center or training company about a certification class you were interested in? That’s OK, we probably all have asked that at one point or another. So let’s break the wonderful “Test Pass Guarantee” down a little bit. Scapple ready?

On the surface this is a great thing to hear if you are shopping for an IT certification class. All I need to do is show up and this company guarantees that I pass the test. So stinking awesome. This training center has just done a great job appealing or appeasing a psycological doubt that many reasonable shoppers carry; the doubt that what they are close to purchasing isn’t worth what they are going to pay. It’s a natural thought and a “guarantee” all but silences that worry.

So, naturally because they have stated right there on their website this beautiful guarantee, this training company does such a better job than any other company. They can guarantee that ANY student passes the certification exam. For example, you take the CCNA class, which is one of the tougher certs on it’s networking level, and you are guaranteed to pass the exam at the end of the class. Get real, do you know how many people fail the CCNA exam repeatedly?? A lot, its tough as heck! So this amazing firggin company can guarantee that Bobo the Clown could pass the test.

That’s garbage and as a card carrying, certified IT Professional who had to work their tail off to get to where I am, I’m pissed off when I see this.

An exam pass guarantee is one of two things:

1) It’s often a sales ploy built on an empty promise. They show a line stating that they guarantee you pass the test but offer no actual policy to protect those words. You go to ask about it after you fail your exam from a class featuring no hands-on, a lot of lecture, based on handouts printed directly from, taught by an instructor who has been a master of the english language for all of maybe one month, and they tell you that you can retake the class again for free (although I see nothing wrong with offering a free retake, lets try to be forthright about what we mean by pass guarantee). However, the next class at the location you want won’t be until September 2029, but fortunately for everyone the next closest location is Anchorage, Alaska and the account rep assures you that the flight from Washington Dulles to Anchorage is “breathtaking”. Thanks for that.

2) The company tells you that they guarantee you pass the test or you can take it as many times as you would like until you pass and they will pay for it. But if you do fail, you must follow their “proven success program” aka you are required to study a list of test answers from a braindump site until you pass their practice test software and then they let you take the exam again. Unethical and a detriment to the IT industry. Your a cheater and your lack of skills will show up one day and bite you, hopefully anyways.

For anyone that has taken a hands-on training class and studied the courseware and used an ethical practice test product to pass the certification exam (good old fashion technique of earning something on your own) you should be disgusted with any place that offers the test pass guarantee. Since certification within the IT industry is not regulated by a more powerful commission (like The Bar Exams for Attorneys, The CPA Exam for Accountants, etc.) the industry is abused by the lazy and worthless. Most of the time, the people that study the hardest and continue to work hard for more certifications and more IT skills rise to the top, but generally the cheaters do get in at the bottom levels and sometimes rise a little. Often though, the true colors shine through.

Pay no mind to the test pass guarantee and find a training center that actually offers a good, well rounded, well instructed, hands-on training class. Outside of that, learn on your own because you will go farther in the industry if you do.


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