OK, so apparently the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is pretty darn cool. Obviously the buzz about it has been out for some time, but now, more people are getting the cert than ever. I guess many people are being shoved in that direction because of the DoD Directive 8570, but this area of IT is really catching wind.

The CEH class (when taught by an EC Council Authorized ATC) is a hands on experience that takes you through the processes of network intrusion and penetration testing. Hack into a box, hack into the next and then hack into the next (all live in the classroom) and then hit your destination from that virtually undetectable route. Awesome. A major drawback for me though, was having to realize how vulnerable info really is.

So CEH is the starting point for network intrusion vulnerability detection and prevention. CHFI hits the next level. Cool stuff, keep your eye on it, since it’s probably the most fun you can have in a classroom, it will keep growing into more things. Watch this one…


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