I wanted to mention the upcoming major change for a certification that was just getting it’s legs and really starting to become popular. The MCDST is being discontinued and is changing to the MCITP – Enterprise Support Technician (MCITP-EST).

Basically what’s happening is Microsoft is restructuring many / almost all of their IT certifications to be part of the MCITP series. So MCSA and MCSE are becoming MCITP Server Administrator and MCITP Enterprise Administrator respectively. The MCDST is becoming the MCITP-EST. These changes are all taking place because of the shift in focus to the Vista operating system.

I understand the change in material, sure, its time to upgrade and support the new product, etc. I don’t understand the change in name of the certification.

Microsoft is a leader of the IT industry and has been seen throughout time as a truly great marketing company. The MCDST is a cert that Microsoft tried to push for years to provide the industry with a more entry level systems administration certification that was purely Microsoft based. Well, for the last year or so the MCDST has finally formed into a well known and respected certification. I think the MCITP-EST name recognition will eventually catch up to where the MCDST’s name recognition is now, but there is going to be at least a one year set back (if not longer) because of this.

The IT industry, as we all know, relies heavily on certifications. Certifications never come out and immediately have great strength. It always take time to grow popularity and respect for a cert. Also, certs are great money makers for vendors too, so Microsoft is likely to lose some money on this change over.

Needless to say I dont like the name change. MS should have stuck with the MCDST name and maybe gone with MCDST-V (V for Vista).


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