In this world of constant security threats it’s unsettling to know that almost all of our important information is completely vulnerable. Network intrusion is a constant problem. Identities are stolen all the time because we voluntarily (yet often unknowingly) place our personal information all over the internet in highly accessible places. Identity thieves and on-line criminals have a seemingly easier time finding out the information they need to commit their internet crimes.

If you have ever taken a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) class you were made aware of the reality of these dangers. You openly watched secret information, that people may have deemed secure, become as public as the daily news through a couple of simple steps and some basic hacking / exploit software. The class opens your eyes to the dangers of information on the web and on networks.

However, because more trouble is being caused by these internet thieves, do-gooders and government agencies / regulators are also seeking ways to combat against them. EC-Council’s intent with the CEH class is to make people aware of how hacking is performed so that intrusion vulnerability can be counteracted. But EC-Council is taking counteraction a step further. They have created a class that is gaining in popularity by the day in the CHFI.

The Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) by the EC-Council is a class that teaches people how to trace or track the hackers and collect the evidence along the way to hopefully prosecute that crime. Different from the CEH where students are shown how to hack so that preventative measures can be installed, the CHFI retraces the steps and goes after the bad guys to help take them down.

At this point, the popularity of this certification is not where I would like to see it. I believe that as this spreads, on-line threats will greatly decrease because more people with online forensic talent will have the power to go after the unethical hackers and on-line law breakers. SOME people and agencies have that power now,but it’s a very small number. As the ability spreads, this should greatly deter the masses of criminals.

So keep your eye on the CHFI. This class and cert is generally best suited for those who have been through the CEH program already. The popularity on this certification will continue to grow and realistically has not yet even come close to the height of it’s growth phase. This one will be around for quite some time.

Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator – EC-Council


One thought on “Catch the Hacker!

  1. As a person who is considering taking the CEH course, I was very glad to hear about the options for furthering one’s education after it’s over. So far this is the only secondary cert I’ve seen in the hacking field, so it’s the top one to look into on my list. Thanks for the info!

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