I recently read this post by Todd Lammle, he is a successful author of Cisco training material and study guides.

In this blog post, Todd puts an excellent spin on the argument for moving forward with the changing IT environment (especially pertaining to Microsoft’s new platforms, Vista and Server 2008).

He states: “We´ve all heard multitudes howling about Vista creating wide variety of evils, so I´m pretty sure we´ll hear even more complaints as Server 2008 rolls out. But the thing is, it´s actually not Vista´s fault, or even Server 2008´s fault. Nope—it´s your fault! Why? Simple… You need to upgrade your network. This is the part I love about Vista and Server 2008, and it´s also the reason I´m writing a blog about Microsoft on my Cisco training web site! I see this as a true opportunity and so should you—an opportunity to get certified in these things so you will be poised, ready and able to cure the broken networks epidemic we´re about to experience!”

Although many people are doing almost everything they can to be up in arms about Microsoft’s Vista (and at some point Server 2008), its still necessary to move forward with your training on these applications and continue to grow your skills and plan and run your migrations. As bleak as the short term looks for these apps, the stability of the long term future of IT depends on these changes. Todd is a guy whose opinion I would trust for the most part, because he’s right most of the time, as far as I know… 🙂


One thought on “Future IT Trends

  1. Whenever I use Vista on my wirless network it crashes. When I use XP it works.I used the commands found on Todd Lammle’s blog and it fixed my Vista problem of crashing my network. However, this means I need to change my router. This is Vista’s way of thumbing it’s nose at you if you have a cheap Linksys wireless AP.Karen, IT Admin

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