I came across some interesting salary facts about the PMI PMP certification and project management as a whole. Certification Magazine (of which I am subscriber and avid fan) publishes information each year from its Salary Survey.

The PMP has been a rising success of a certification for many years and these numbers back up that claim:

– Project managers earn an average salary of $85,850
– Professionals with the PMP certification earn an average of $96,7900 (December 2007)

The project management profession is definitely growing as is the PMP cert. Certfication Magazine should have their next salary survey out in December of 2008. I’m definitely anticipating another sizable jump in the annual salary for the PMP.

So all of this addresses the concern that I had earlier in the year about the rush of people achieving the PMP. I was concerned that this flood of newly certified people would drag down the value. It doesn’t appear to be that way so much right now, but the 2008 salary numbers will definitely tell us more about this. I think demand for the cert may still be outgrowing the number of certified project managers. Looking good for the PMP!!


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