This blog obviously focuses on the IT industry’s certification realm. Therefore, the title of this post may have thrown you off a little bit, but don’t worry, I have a purpose.

IT and Computer Consultants are everywhere. A simple internet search can lead you to a local network or systems admin support firm in your area pretty easily. Most people probably have a friend, relative or neighbor who works for or owns an IT consulting company, they are seemingly a dime a dozen.

Well, in today’s market a determining factor on how to find the best IT consulting company is certification. I have personally known over 100+ people who claim(ed) to be a consultant. The one thing that I have found is the a good IT consultant values their progressive learning and stays on top of certification in order to prove their knowledge and improve their support ability.

I can personally point out many people who will tell you that they don’t need certifications, they have more experience than the next guy. And thats great, but those types are often complacent with what they know and today’s IT is all about knowing the next best thing to improve efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.

The consultant that stays up to date on their certifications shows that they are committing to the IT industry and it’s progressive nature. If you are looking for support for you Microsoft windows network environment and you run Server 2003, all things equal would you prefer the person with the MCSE 2003 who is currently working on their MCITP – Server Administrator cert (Server 2008) or would you prefer the person who “has their MCSE” and then you come to find out it was for NT4.0, no brainer.

Staying up on certifications ensures that the IT consultant (and the company) is a progressive learner and seeks to be ahead of the game, in a similar manner to what a successful IT foundation does. So when seeking an IT consulting firm ask what certifications the techs have, it’s important to the success of your future.


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