I recently read an article on CertMag.com which discussed the state of the IT industry in relation to the current economic crisis. I am happy to say that I had a hunch that IT was going to be OK, and fortunately, that hunch seems to be fairly correct so far.

Many companies are still spending the money needed to upgrade to the latest versions of business critical software and hardware applications and IT support staff is continuing to grow.

The main purpose of the article was to highlight how over the past decade, IT has gone from a necessary evil in order to compete within an industry to a key tool in getting ahead within your industry. Because of what IT has become, the industry is more stable than many and is continuing to grow.

The key stat mentioned in the article was that according to the “IT Hiring Index and Skills Report” developed by Robert Half Technology, 12 percent of CIO respondents said they expect to grow their IT staff in the first quarter of 2009, while only 4 percent expect staff cutbacks.

So in these current economic times its good to know that we have a stable IT industry underneath of us. However, dont forget to keep yourself diversified and updated by continuing to seek new IT certifications.


2 thoughts on “IT Jobs in this Tough Economy

  1. I recently placed an ad for some graphic and web designers for some trainer roles in Los Angeles and the response and caliber of the applicants was the best ever confirmed your view that IT jobs are scarce.

  2. Though IT sector has been affected the most but it wont take much of a time to get back on track. after all without IT sectors growth, the development aspect does not get satisfied.

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