This is a reminder to all readers that the PMP exam officially changes at the beginning of July. If you have been studying the version 3 PMBoK, then youmust take your test before the end of June.

If you are studying the 3rd edition but dont plan on taking the test until after the expiration date, the 4th edition PMBoK changes are significant enough that it would require study from a different book.

So here is a quick recap of the PMP Fourth Edition (PMBok) Changes:

1. Process names are now in a verb-noun format
2. Distinguishs Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets.
3. A standard approach for discussing requested changes, preventive actions, corrective actions and defect repairs.
4. The number of processes has decreased from 44 to 42. Two processes were deleted, two processes were added and 6 processes were reconfigured into 4 processes within the Procurement knowledge area.
5. To provide clarity, a distinction was made between the Project Management Plan and project documents used to manage the project.
6. The distinction between the information in the Project Charter and the Project Scope Statement was clarified.
7. Process flow diagrams at the beginning of chapters 4-12 have been deleted and replaced by data flow diagrams.
8. A data flow diagram for each process has been created to show where information comes from as an input and where it goes to as an output.
9. A new appendix was added that addresses key interpersonal skills that a project manager utilizes when managing a project.

PMI® also noted that a complete list of changes will be found in Appendix A of the new PMBOK® Guide—Fourth Edition.

Source: TrainACE


One thought on “PMP Test Update to 4th Edition Reminder

  1. It is good to take the PMBOK 3rd Edition PMP exam if you can be prepared before June 30, 2009, as there surely will be a ‘break-in’ period with the 4th Edition exam. The same is true for the CAPM exam, which changes to 4th Edition on August 1, 2009. See < HREF="" REL="nofollow">PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition-aligned courses<> for a list of courses currently available for the 4th Edition, and see < HREF="" REL="nofollow">PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition-aligned courses release schedule<> for coming releases.

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