The A+ and Network+ Certifications will bolster any resume. Even if you have experience working in the computer hardware or networking fields, adding a certification is looked upon very favorably. Having one or both of these certs says to your employer that you are serious about improving your skill set; in turn, your employer will take you more seriously.

— shows your superiors that you are a motivated professional
— certified employees have salaries roughly 5-15% higher than their non-certified peers
— open new career paths within your existing company
— A+/Net+ classes are prerequisites for many of the intermediate and advanced IT certifications.

Becoming A+/Net+ certified is a big step in the right direction whether you are trying to enter a new career field in IT or simply wishing to improve your status in your existing field.


One thought on “Why A+ and Net+ Certifications are not just for career changers.

  1. I agree! Sorry to say , thats how most CPT’s get certified. ACSM and NSCA are good. I took a 6 month class with cuosre materials and in gym training. Training others that is. My schooling was through NPTI, they have schools nationwide and are based on NSCA, they also teach nutrition.I guess it depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of trainer you want to be.

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