The Cisco CCNA certification has become one of the most popular IT certifications in the world. Anyone looking to be recognized as a qualified network administrator should definitely consider obtaining the Cisco CCNA certification.

Cisco certifications and the CCNA have been around since the late 90’s to give network administrators the hands-on skills they need to manage a network and to give prospective employers an authenticated way to measure those hands-on skills. Earning a CCNA has always been key to opening up doors to a highly rewarding and professional networking career because Cisco has maintained the standards to make sure that the successful CCNA holder will have more than just the vendor specific skills one gets by passing the CCNA exam(s). They will also have a strong understanding of networking as well as inter-networking regardless of the type of routers and switches. This fact continues to make the CCNA an invaluable credential for employers to feel confident in their networking staff.

The CCNA program provides a thorough introduction to networking with the Cisco operating system (IOS) and working with Cisco equipment and hardware. When studying for the CCNA you also obtain skills and learn important concepts about networking and inter-networking in general. This makes you a well rounded networking professional that can handle many different tasks related to a network. So whether you are an IT manager, Systems Engineer, or looking to become a networking professional, the CCNA will allow you to function, manage, and understand how your network operates and will create new possibilities for your career.


One thought on “Why CCNA Remains Strong

  1. Network administrators who wants to learn the more in their chosen fields must undergo Cisco’s CCNA training such the one offered in The knowledge to be learned such as networking and inter-networking is just so vast that in return will be rewarding to their professional career.

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