Windows 7, the new Operating System (OS) from Microsoft, is showing great promise from presales on online stores such as Amazon. This is assuring for Microsoft, who has not been satisfied with sales from their most recent OS, Windows Vista. Windows 7 is set to release in October of this year, so preorders are jumping up at most of the popular stores.

Windows 7 is an upgrade from Vista and XP in terms of overall layout and in terms of resource management. While still a work in progress, betas and leaks of the new OS have shown promise of better performance than the previous operating systems. Microsoft looks to capitalize in upgrades from XP and Vista to Windows 7. Microsoft had tried to promote Vista as best as they can: by cutting support for the system a number of times after Vista was released, by not selling copies of XP after a while, and also by forcing some PC buyers to go with Vista, and charging extra for XP. Customers were wary of Vista, and there were many accounts of businesses and homes alike reverting back to XP or never upgrading to Vista.

Microsoft looks to right the ship when it releases Windows 7, which will feature an easier-to-use graphical user interface, and will have better promotions and deals. For example, on a presale of Windows 7 on Amazon, customers and companies are able to preorder the new operating system for up to half off on the Professional version for around $99, and more than half off the Home Premium for about $49. Also, Microsoft plans to make Windows 7 available free to people who purchase a notebook or desktop with Windows Vista in the near future, so students who purchase a computer for school for this fall will have a chance to upgrade for free come October. However, a small shipping or maintenance fee might be included from the computer-making companies, but it is nothing compared to the cost to upgrade a whole system.

When introducing a new system, it is important for businesses to have a smooth transition. In order for this to happen, employees must be properly trained in using the new operating system. Windows 7 is easy to learn, but it still has a learning curve when beginning to use it. So it is important for companies to have certified training courses for Windows 7 for their employees.

If you are looking to make a systems migration to the new Windows 7 when its released, be sure to hire the appropriate IT outsourcing company who can handle the job, and be sure to ask if their employees are trained on the new product. An untrained IT support consultant can make the windows migration process a much bigger pain than it has to be.


2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Preorder Shows Promise

  1. they had the sp6a, BUT WOULDN’T DOWNLOAD NOTHING )) BUT ALAS, I have an Alpha workstatio (Digital peaosnrl workstation 433a) with its RISC Alpha processor 21164 at 64 bits . but for that I need the WIN NT4.0 SERV PACK 6a, yes, but . for the ALPHA and not I386 processors. The WIN NT and all its service packs, when the damned Microsoft produced them, ALL contained BOTH the version for I386 (which I got from your site) AND the version for the Alpha: errr am I being too optimistic if I ask your help in finding this WinNT4 servicepack 6a IN ALPHA VERSION??? I hope you can help me, but if not, thanks a lot anyway.All the best from Rome Astronomical Observatory, Alberto

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