The 83-640 Microsoft Exam is a new exam which features actual emulations of Windows Servers on the examination. Previously, in the 70-640 exam, there were only multiple choice questions and simulations. Emulations allow users to practice any normal Operating System (OS) task instead of a finite amount of steps that simulations allow. Now, students are given the chance to log in on a secure Microsoft server, and actually test in real-time on an Operating System. For example, a user is allowed to completely remove the OS from the server, but all the settings will be set back to default after an hour of emulation.

The 83-640 exam is used to test and certify for the MCTS: Windows Server 2008 course as well as MCITP: Enterprise Administrator and MCITP: Server Administrator for Windows 2008 courses. However, not every country is completely switched over to the 83-640 form. Most places are still using the 70-640 exam. The new exam still covers the same topics that the courses outline, but the method of examination is changed. Also, there are still multiple choice questions; only part of the exam has been changed to test real-time skills required.

Along with the new exam type come new practice exams. Transcender is a leader in certification practice exams, and has developed a new practice test for the 83-640 emulation exam. They have released a new practice module that gives students 60-day use of Microsoft’s secure servers on which to practice. Simulating the exam scenario, users are given one hour to perform tasks within the OS, and then scored after that hour. Upon grading, users are shown their mistakes, and are given two methods in which to learn the correct procedure. The first method is a step-by-step explanation of the correct steps. The other is a flash program that shows the user the correct way to complete the scenarios visually. Additionally, if you have already purchased the 70-640 practice module, Transcender will give you a discount for the 83-640 practice module.


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