Recently, one of our readers asked a question deemed worthy of a response. The question was asked about the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, which is expected to come out later this year. The question was, verbatim, “Will upgrade be available from Vista users that downgraded to XP?

While Windows 7 Upgrade (available for a limited time at about half off retail price if you preorder now) was meant to be a quick upgrade for Windows Vista, people are wondering if the upgrade will be available to users currently running Windows XP. We go to Microsoft’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for Windows 7 for the answer.

First of all, Microsoft states that in order to purchase and install the Windows 7 Upgrade, one must have a genuine copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista. So that looks promising. The final question on the FAQ poses, “I am running Windows XP, can I upgrade to Windows 7?” The answer provided is, “Microsoft designed Windows 7 Upgrade media for Windows Vista. A customer with Windows XP can purchase Windows 7 Upgrade media but must back up their files, clean install, and then reinstall their applications.”

So there’s your answer. Although the Windows 7 Upgrade is intended to be a quick update for Windows Vista, a user with Windows XP is able to upgrade to Windows 7 after a full install.


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