Northern Virginia is the leading IT hub in the United States. Many companies have a headquarters located here, and the federal government agencies attract hundreds of government contractors. Obviously, security is a big issue when talking about IT and government work. So, in an area like Northern Virginia, security training is at a premium.

The first course that every potential information security worker should expect to receive is CompTIA’s Security+ course. It is an introduction course that focuses heavily on the vocabulary of the IT world, instead of jumping right into the technical studies. Security+ 2008 is required for anyone looking for an Information Assurance (IA) job within the government. Many private companies will also require a type of security training, and Security+ is a popular one.

For many IT workers, Security+ is only the first of several security training courses they will take over the next few years. However, it is a strong basis for an important career. Without a healthy security background for its employees, the government agencies would be struggling to find a standard for employment.


3 thoughts on “The Value of Security+ Certification in Northern Virginia

  1. This is a good description of the environment in which Security+ is used today. The CompTIA marketing group is always interested in having comments from IT professionals who have something to say about how a CompTIA certification was helpful in their business or in their day to day work. In the case of Security+, the product manager on that certification has a few “Security+ Certified” lapel pins that are available to certified individuals who have such comments to share with others.

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