The EC-Council just last week wrapped up the annual Hacker Halted conference. The entourage of geeks here at were in attendance of of course. It was entirely a fantastic time with great speakers and good food / drink.

One of the most relevant things that we were able to take away from the conference was the future of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. The CEH has quickly moved its way to being way far in the lead of hacking and pen testing certifications. EC-Council’s flagship cert has been the benefactor of a combination of fun / interesting material, a catchy name and a strong marketing plan.

However, what we found out is that EC-Council doesn’t just plan to let the CEH rest as being the authority in hacking and pentesting certifications, but in fact they plan on making it the authoritative all around IT security certification. Now, please don’t misunderstand, they aren’t making this their highest level cert, the ECSA / LPT is still that. In fact, their plans are to make the CEH a more all encompassing certification that fits into wayyyyyyy more realms of data security, not just pentesting and hacking. They plan to add over 40+ modules to the certification’s material pool.

The version 6 CEH is already a 20+ module cert, most of which contain material that can or will appear on the certification exam. The new version 7 Certified Ethical Hacker will add 40+ more modules, however most will NOT appear on the test according the EC-Council executives. This is good, the pool of test questions is already fairly widespread.

So the reason for the additional modules is to have the CEH courseware cover this content so that it can become a more used reference point for security issues. Most of the module content will be related material that the core material would theoretically teach you enough to be able to implement if the CEH was faced with that particular predicament. An example is bluetooth hacking. Covered in the new CEH version 7 bonus material, yes, included on the exam, no, will a CEH be able to implement all that goes along with this, yes.

Personally I see EC-Council accomplishing what they hope to here. I have watched them become the authority so quickly in the IT security industry. The CEH cert is spreading in demand like wildfire. So, I do believe it will be the authority.

Stock up – CEH
Stock down – CISSP (non tech, piece of cake material)

So of course, get out there and get your hacker training, you’ll need it in the future.


One thought on “The Future of the Certified Ethical Hacker

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