The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) v3 Foundations Certification is designed for people who have already become ITIL certified under the older v2 foundations course. This is a bridge course that just covers the new material between version 2 and version 3. Overall, there are not many differences, but the material covered is important. To gain the ITIL v3 Certification, one must pass a 20 question exam on the updated material.

Why is this bridge class becoming so popular? First of all, the ITIL Foundations training course in itself is very useful for IT workers. But more businesses want their employees to have up-to-date certifications, so more IT workers are updating their certification by completing the ITIL version 3 bridge course.

There are five important concepts brought up in the bridge course, all dealing with the Service Life Cycle. The first is the service strategies, which concentrates on IT strategy maps and making sure that the processes and requirements of the IT worker coincide with the objectives and goals of the business as a whole. Next is service design, the ever-changing process of following business requirements, no matter how large or small. Service transition is third, which focuses on the risks and changes of an infrastructure, as well as efficiency of the deployment of new programs. After that is service operation, which is the concentration of the daily or weekly tasks required of an IT professional, including maintenance and testing. Finally we reach continual service improvement, the process of managing oneself as an IT worker, by monitoring the changes one makes to the infrastructure, as well as finding more optimal ways to complete tasks.


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