I recently attended the Hacker Halted conference that took place in Miami, FL. This conference was a gathering of many of the most knowledgeable IT Security specialists and organizations in the US.

Some of the overall themes of the conference were to promote and discuss the current issues in IT Security by representatives of various organizations, to strategize about upcoming IT Security challenges for 2010, and also to recognize those institutions and individuals who excelled in IT Security in 2009.

The part of the conference that I was able to attend specifically was the “Circle of Excellence” Awards presentation. The Circle of Excellence is awarded to institutions and individuals who are the very best in promoting and advancing IT Security. One of the recipients of this award, and the only small-business company, was Academy of Computer Education [ACE]. This award is typically reserved for large companies with a national presence. ACE was recognized for its outstanding work particularly for the CEH, CHFI, and CISSP classes that are run regularly at its two, DC-Area campuses.

Additionally Joe McCray, an instructor at ACE and IT Security consultant, was acknowledged and awarded for his outstanding work, instruction, and overall role in advancing IT Security knowledge by the EC-Council. Joe has helped ACE achieve its niche success as the DC metro area’s leading institution for IT Security Training.

The Hacker Halted conference was alot of fun overall. It really drove home the importance and necessity of the evolution, advancement, and innovation in IT Security nationwide. Next year, this event is expected to be even bigger, and will include a host of international speakers and presentations. I’m sure there will be several new and interesting topics covered next year as well. Stay tuned…


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