In the training and certification world perhaps the most overlooked cert may be Microsoft Office certification, or the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS).

We all use MS Office probably every day, we fall into the groove of doing the same things (tasks, functions, etc.) that work for us and that apply to our specific roles in the workplace. But there will very likely come a time (soon, if not already, for many of you out there) where we will be placed in a situation where one of the common skill sets we use in MS Office becomes foreign to us. Most likely this will happen when your company or organization makes the upgrade to the newest platform of MS Office.

Have you started working with Office 2007 yet? Its quite a bit different from 2003, and what about the next version to come out. What if your organization upgrades you to that straight from 2003, you’ll be way behind the curve.

Since Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook mainly) are all so essential to what we do, its crucial to stay sharp with them. That’s why Microsoft Office Training is probably the most overlooked training (and certification) in the IT and tech training industry. Stay fresh and consider taking a class every now and then. They are relatively cheap and you can really increase productivity by a wide margin. Whats $350 dollars when you increase your employee’s or your own productivity by 10%?


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