One application that has been receiving a lot of publicity for business purposes is Microsoft SharePoint. Although it is certainly not a new technology, users may find it hard to learn. This is because of the many new wrinkles that have been added to try and stay ahead of the influence of search engine giant Google in this niche. This application was first offered in 2007, but the upgraded version has many improvements for 2010 that attempt to keep it ahead of competitors.

The newest innovations are designed to make it easier for business people. It is now easier than ever to create websites specifically for business needs. There are ways to create a page for Internet clients as well as intranet sites for internal use. This makes it easy for people that are comfortable with website development to order to implement a more streamline look throughout the company. Employees can be more easily trained in-house by the information technology (IT) department.

Another key feature regarding SharePoint is that it allows instant access to all of the other Microsoft applications. This includes saving Microsoft files on the website, which has been a problem in the past. There is also no longer the need for the traditional editing of documents before uploading to the World Wide Web.

Programming is also expedited because the SharePoint program allows users to easily creates their own apps specifically for business purposes without having to know how to produce code. The IT department does not have to share in this process once the regular associates are up to speed on how to use this software package. This is possible both online and offline, since a valid connection isn’t necessary to produce output, only to sync up with the online portion.

The sharing of files is what separates this model from others, and employees are bound to be more productive since they don’t necessarily need to create unique presentations on their own. Associates are free to share with one another, leading to a more team oriented approach. With the built in flexibility, permissions and access levels can be easily assigned. The user friendly interface means there is no need to learn a complicated software system.

Many business people want to know how SharePoint compares with comparable models. Actually they are remarkably similar, and now all of the features that have been available online are now included in the package offered by Microsoft as well. This makes Sharepoint an easy choice for most enterprising businesses.

With the new upgrades, SharePoint 2010 is better than ever before. The installation however is time consuming and will typically call for an outside IT service. Launching the product and having employees use it to its full potential takes training. Fortunately, there are many great vendors who offer Microsoft SharePoint training for reasonable prices.


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