Wireless networking has become one of the most prevalent forms of networking and communications in the country today. By removing cables and allowing mobile access to servers and other wireless devices, the structure of modern computer and information technology has been changed dramatically. Handheld and portable devices all come with the ability to use wireless networks and the business sector has taken note of this.

Because of the new dominance of wireless networks, a new information technology certification has arisen. The Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification allows a person to have credentials specific to working with wireless networks.

The CWNA wireless network certification verifies that a person successfully understands the basic concepts of wireless networking, such as radio and antennas. It also shows that they can manage and install networks as well as repair them if necessary.

Although there are many different proprietary wireless networks in existence, the CWNA is possible because they are all based on the 802.11 wireless standard. This standard underlies every wireless network and knowledge of it allows a specialist to operate on nearly any network seamlessly.

Information technology specialists who hold a CWNA are in very high demand. Part of this reason is because, while wireless networks have started to dominate the country, they are not everywhere yet. Corporations that are only now realizing the importance of maintaining a wireless network seek out technicians who can implement their overall vision.

Conversely, companies which already have wireless networks need skilled people to help maintain, upgrade and expand their existing software and hardware. As the standards change and more compact, efficient hardware becomes available, the demand for CWNAs will continue to grow.

The applications for wireless technology are also broadening as the hardware becomes cheaper. Devices like refrigerators, cars and headsets now feature wireless technology. The market for people who can configure the software and repair the hardware for these new home networks will be very lucrative.

Wireless networking shows absolutely no sign of slowing down or of going away in the near future. As the use of wireless technology increases, so too will the need for someone with a CWNA. The time is quickly approaching where holding a CWNA may become a necessity for working in any part of the information technology industry.


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