I know, computer forensics is nothing new. People have been studying this for years now and taking classes for years as well.

However, what you didn’t know is that the new premier computer forensics certification is the EC-Council’s CHFI. There really has not been an industry leading computer forensics certification to date. SANS has a forensics analyst certification through their GIAC brand, but that has no real traction in the industry and SANS is getting smoked by the EC-Council right now anyways (because they are so proprietary with their offerings). The CHFI is making its way to the top of the certification must have list because the CEH has spread so quickly. People who now have the CEH are looking for that next thing.

Oh, and a little military birdie told me something else about the new industry leading forensics cert, that birdie mentioned that CHFI may be up for consideration for the DoD8570 directive.

And it definitely should be, its a very worthwhile certification that all pentesters should have. Everyone working in this capacity needs to know the proper way to put together a case against someone or something that has just exploited your organization or gov agency.

So do yourself favor and sign up for the CHFI certification class at Hacker Halted in Miami in late October. You get a free iPad2 and forensics icon Robert Reed is teaching the class. Details here: Hacker Halted Training


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