Over the past five years small business IT has been through so many levels of changes. There was a time where outsourced email and a simple internet connection did the trick. The small business were able to afford products like Server and Exchange and so they upgraded to bringing those in house and then hiring an outside small business IT support company to manage those applications. Nowadays, small business IT consists of every capability of enterprise IT and on an affordable level.

My how wonderful cloud computing has been so far for businesses of every size. The most amazing part of virtualization, is that it is still in its infancy. I can’t wait to see what comes about over the next several years with it, but no doubt the cloud is where business of any scale is going to be. You pay for what you use and the outsourced management is seamless, secure, capable, fast and extremely user friendly. Small business IT almost looks identical to enterprise IT, and gap closes more each day.


2 thoughts on “Small Business IT is Meeting Major Demands

  1. I totally agree – cloud computing is something that fascinates me, and I can see that it will have a big impact on small businesses and their ability to provide services. Not only that, it looks to reduce the cost of IT operation for larger companies as well.
    It’s a small post but it’s straight to the point – I like it! I’ll come back to ready this blog in the future!

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