The EC-Council has made strides to improve upon their flagship forensics certification, the CHFI, by upgrading their content and courseware. The new CHFI is now the Version 8 (v8). The CHFI v8 certification training class is being launched globally in an exclusive setting to a handful of training centers around the world. There are only three in the United States that are featuring the launch, the EC-Council hand-selected these centers for the event. This computer forensics training event will be held the week of 2/27/12.

The CHFI v8 launch is in time for people to meet the pre-requisites for the Advanced Mobile Hacking and Forensics class and the other classes that EC-Council will be holding at their SUMMIT event in Washington DC. We will feature a post about that event soon.

Here is what people get with registration into the CHFI v8 Launch:

  1. A complimentary 4 day iLab Access Pass worth 100 USD
  2. Twenty percent (20%) discount on the Mobile Forensics CAST class (valid until December 31, 2012)
  3. A complimentary “Secondpass Voucher” for those who fail their exam (valid until the end of June 2012) worth 500 USD
  4. A limited edition commemorative metal plated certificate of attendance
  5. Your name and testimonial posted on EC-Council’s CHFIv8 Website

Register Here: CHFI v8


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