Remember that time you got a free breakfast and a morning full of free lessons on the latest in hacking? That’s the whole idea behind TrainACE’s free hacking seminar series, aptly named Hacker’s Breakfast. Having organized the events for a couple years now, TrainACE evidently likes to keep a state of variety around the seminar’s themes. For their latest installation, TrainACE has teamed up with n2grate Government Technology Solutions to focus on new mission assurance technologies and web-based security.

It looks like this event is going to feature a number of top professionals in the security industry, with experts from Blue Coat and Solera Networks ready to present on topics like web-based security and application-based security. The keynote speaker will in fact be Brian Contos, VP and CISO for the Advanced Threat Protection Group at Blue Coat Systems. We all know social networking is becoming an increasingly huge presence for companies just as much as individuals, and the Subject Matter Experts set to teach at this seminar will cover the importance of web-based security in the wake of social networking and the use of mobile devices.

Between presentations there will be time for kiosk demonstrations from industry leaders like Solera Networks, Blue Coat, Netronome, and Packet Shaper.  Training seminars, product demos, networking opportunities, AND free breakfast, you say? That’s exactly right! Hacker’s Breakfast is an awesome combination event for employees in the field.

This Hacker’s Breakfast seminar is taking place July 24th at TrainACE’s Ashburn, VA location. This particular seminar is geared at but certainly not limited to government, DoD, and military employees. But you better hurry! Registration is capped at 70 participants!

Find out more and request information to register here: Hacker’s Breakfast by TrainACE.