People in the cyber security arena have been going to training for decades now. Obviously, the shape of cyber changes so frequently with new attacks and new exploits being developed daily. With these rapid changes, cyber security professionals must sharpen their skills consistently to stay up to be able to attack and defend well.

Now, that being said, the current sequester has put a great damper on cyber training in the United States, but don’t worry Congress, while you guys hash out these little details, other countries are getting further and further ahead in their cyber war capabilities, so no biggie, carry on with the bickering until you work out little differences here…

OK, sarcastic rant complete.

The cyber security education field has made strides to the point where there is a conference dedicated to it specifically. NCSI has launched their first annual Cyber Education Symposium. The event will be held in Arlington, Virginia on November 19th and 20th. The event features a lineup of cyber professionals who will be sharing cyber education plans and best practices.

The agenda can be viewed here: Agenda
The speakers lineup can be viewed here: Speakers

So those of you who read this blog for its general IT training information sharing should appreciate an event like this, because its full of whats to come in the cyber education space!