Cybrary, the free, forever cyber security training website, has released their Android mobile app on the Google Play Store (Download it here: Cybrary App). This app is designed to allow someone to watch Cybrary’s training classes on the go. In other words, you do not need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos.

Cybrary has been talked about here on this blog several times in the past, because its the first place ever to receive legit, concise training classes for hacking, forensics and cybersecurity online, for free. Where some other companies like Pluralsight, Lynda and Skillsoft offer some standard security classes, like Security+ and CISSP, Cybrary has those classes and then goes well beyond that with advanced classes such as Python for Security Professionals, Malware Analysis, Post Exploitation Hacking and Advanced Penetration Testing. In addition to training on Cybrary, individuals can apply for jobs in the security field.

The Cybrary Android App is free, just like the training they offer. The reviews for Cybrary’s classes have been quite strong, and we have had the chance to take some of them, they definitely are as good as anything else you could pay for, and it always beats paying $5000 per week to SANS and the like. So far, the app store has about 600 reviews for Cybrary’s app, and it seems to be very well received. Again, get the Cybrary App here.