A Free IT and Cyber Security Training MOOC is on its Way

In recent years we have seen a trend emerging in education. Free learning has been making huge waves, and the term MOOC is what is bringing about that change. MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) that have launched in recent years include companies like; Khan Academy, which has brought math and science classes to the world for free; Codecademy, which offers free coding learning; and Coursera, which provides online classes from some of the world’s top universities. We have caught word of a MOOC that will launch in January called Cybrary, which provides free IT and Cyber Security training classes to the world.

So far, from what we can tell on the website, Cybrary’s training offering includes classes that prepare people for some of the more popular IT and security industry recognized certifications, such as the CompTIA A+, Security+, ECC’s Certified Ethical Hacker and the CISSP from ISC2. The site also includes advanced skill sets, which are not intended for certification, such as their Post Exploitation Hacking and Advanced Penetration Testing class.

MOOC’s Emerge as Online Education Sentiment Grows
The explosive growth of MOOC’s is showing us that the sentiment towards online education is growing more favorable. As younger generations, such as the Millennials, come of age and become a major subset of the world’s workforce, online education grows faster. These younger generations seem to be well prepared and extremely accustomed to learning online and at their own pace. Online education has been in a tremendous growth phase since 2002. Now with the success of companies like Codecademy, people are starting to realize that learning can, and maybe should be, free for everyone. This shift in the approach to learning is giving more people the opportunity to build skill sets and achieve an education that may have previously not been affordable to them. Emerging economies and even tenured professionals from the world’s largest economies all are benefiting from these winds of change in education.

As our readers know, the IT and Cyber Security industries are in many ways built around a proof of skill sets which is led by certifications. Many companies hiring practices are built around finding employees who possess these certifications because the certs validate their skill set, at least to a certain extent.

Addressing the Cyber Security Skills Gap
The skills gap in Cyber Security is perhaps the most glaring need that is addressed by this new trend of free online education. SC Magazine wrote an article discussing this challenge as not only being a current one, but one that is actually going to become far worse in coming years. Another study showed that the skills gap would grow to about 47% in 2017.

This skills gap is likely due to the lack of affordable training. Cyber Security changes so quickly, and yet training for both basic skills as well as advanced skills has traditionally been extremely expensive. Codecademy and now Cybrary seem to be directly tackling the issue of putting hard Cyber Security job skills into the hands of anyone that may want them.

The Effect of MOOC’s on Emerging Economies
It was only a matter of time until the IT and Cyber Security training industry, as well as education as a whole, took a major shift towards more social equality. Companies like Coursera, Codecademy and now Cybrary are leading the charge. Free education options are expanding, and as they grow and have success, it seems that education and technical job skill sets will no longer be reserved for those who can afford it, but rather it will be for those who are willing to work hard to achieve it.

Even with the presence of MOOC’s, there may very well still be numerous limitations to the growth of technology and innovation in the world’s emerging economies, but free online education is definitely a step in the right direction. As opposed to having to build out an internet infrastructure as well as invest heavily in an educational infrastructure, perhaps now the more important aspect to educational advancement, is simply stable access to the internet.

Time will tell how much impact these free MOOC’s will have on global problems such as the Cyber Security skills gap and the technological growth in emerging economies. It is safe to say though, free online education and training is well worth giving a try.


Why the CCNA is a Good Certification to Take as an Online Class

The Cisco Certified Network Associated (CCNA) certification is among the best IT certifications in the world for beginners. The CCNA has been recognized throughout the years, and it has helped many people get the career they want. There are many benefits to taking the certification course online, and it can actually be better than going to an actual classroom. If you want to be a network specialist or a similar position, then taking this course should help you achieve that goal.

Simulated Labs
The CCNA course has many simulated labs to help you understand how to perform routing and switching. Some people might think that simulated labs aren’t quite as effective as physical lab work, but the online CCNA course is very immersive.

Cisco has done everything to make the lab work as realistic as possible, and you will see that when you enroll in this course. You will work on realistic situations, and this will prepare you for the workplace when you become a network specialist.

Most of the labs focus on practical situations that will regularly come up while working. For example, you will need to install, operate, configure and troubleshoot networks. You will also have simulated labs about verifying connections and creating new ones to build up the network.

A major part of the CCNA course is listening to lectures. These lectures are made to teach you about to manage a network, and they will be beneficial for passing the final exam.

The lectures are very easy to follow online, and you should have no problem keeping up with the teachers. This is very important because a bad instructor can ruin the entire course, but you will not find that here.

Command Lines
If you have done any network management work in the past, then you know that command lines are very important for routing and switching data. These command lines are used to command the network, and they will be commonly used throughout your workday.

The online certification course allow you to look back at the command lines as many times you as need. This is especially beneficial if you are finding it difficult to remember the various lines, or if you just need a refresher before the exam.

Course Ease
This is one of the easiest courses offered by Cisco, and it leads to many of the other higher certifications. Many experts say that if you are good at studying and have a good work ethic, then you can have the certification within a few weeks.

The online course is easy to follow, and you should have no problem passing the exam if you just work hard throughout the course.

Unlike many other IT certifications that have largely lost their power and recognition, the CCNA is still recognized as a powerful certification that can get you in the door with many corporations.

If you are looking for a beginner-level certification, then there are few on par with the CCNA.

The CCNA online course is one of the best you can take for an IT certification. The course is very easy to follow, the simulated labs are beneficial for the exam, the lectures are interesting and the entire course is constructed in a way to help you succeed. If you want to further your career options in the IT field, then the CCNA is the best course you can take.

Get information on the CCNA online / CBT class: http://www.trainace.com/courses/ccna/